3D Design & MakerSpace: Helping Kids Stretch Their Creativity

Tom McCormick, IT Manager & Digital Citizenship teacher

There’s this story about some scientists who thought that they had gotten so smart that they didn’t need God. So they elected a representative to go meet with God and tell Him that He wasn’t necessary anymore. The representative meets with God and he explains that through science, they have figured the whole world out. God says “You’ve figured Continue reading

Daily Parenting – how to really impact your kids at home

Kraig Cox, Dean of JH Students, Director of Programs and Corporate Development

Let’s face it, raising children today tends to be much different than it was for our parents raising us years ago, but does it have to be?

Technology and our fast paced society have changed the way that we connect with others in today’s world.  Although many parts of parenting our children are different, the main component of guiding our children is constant and that is “what we model.”  Continue reading

Why Environment? How the Classroom Impacts Your Child’s Learning

Erica Buchanan-Rivera

K-4 Principal, Director of Curriculum & Instruction

Let’s enjoy a brain break and slip into the following scenarios with our imagination…

You walk into a room with leveled rows of cushioned seats. While standing you observe your surroundings. There are cup holders strategically designed in the center of each arm chair. The beams from a projector portray an image onto a large screen. Each chair is aligned to face the depictions. The lights begin to dim and background music emerges. How will you respond? Continue reading